The Practice

It's not about the location, its what you do there that matters.

Heart2Heart Blessings is located at 128 Genesee Street in Suite 120 in Auburn, New York. Heart2Heart Blessings offers clients natural, non-invasive and safe therapy work through Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Life Style Coaching. Heart2Heart is a place where clients can feel safe, secure, and where they can feel a sense of belonging.

This company was created for people because of love. It’s all about YOU the client and YOUR THOUGHTS. YOU WILL EVOLVE in YOUR MIND, BODY & SPIRIT because you are making the CHOICES to create HEALTHY and PRODUCTIVE changes in your life! It can be done because its been done before! Heart2Heart Blessings BELIEVES in the tools & techniques and more importantly believes in the results.


India Cheema was born in Punjab, India. She was five years old when her family legally came to the United States and laid down their roots in Northern California for many years. India moved to Southern California when she was 21 years old and started her life there. In San Diego, she studied massage therapy after an accident had affected her left side with nerve damage. She knew she could heal her body with help from her mind.

As time progressed, India found herself studying Holistic Health which in turn led her to Life Style Coaching. But she didn’t stop there, she wanted to learn about the mind and how the body work together. A door opened for her and she took a leap of faith, where she found herself studying Neuro-Linguistic Programming. She became so enthralled in her studies of the mind and body that there had to be more and there was, Hypnosis. India moved to Upstate New York in 2016 and was living there with her family while she finished her certifications in California. As she continued to learn more about Hypnosis and NLP, she decided to open a practice in Upstate New York which is thriving and busy.

India is certified in Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Life Style Coaching, Massage Therapy, and Holistic Health. India travels all over the United States giving inspirational talks and is passionate about helping guide people to be the best they can be. She speaks on various topics from meditation & mindfulness, forgiveness, finding joy again, trauma & healing, the strengths & weaknesses of a woman, knowing the difference of worth and value and so much more. India helps bring inspiration and purpose that once may have been lost.


Heart2Heart Blessings provides its clients with such a unique environment in which they can be comfortable, safe, respected and accepted! Clients are given one of a kind tools that best fits their lifestyle and need. These tools are customized especially for you yet they can be used by ANYONE! As you learn to grow within yourself, you will become more calm in stressful situations, more confident among people or alone, and feel less stressed or anxious and learn how to change your thought patterns to bring forth the benefits of living the best life possible whatever the circumstance may be.

The rooms are modified and designed for each clients personal needs for quitting smoking, weight-loss, and trauma (however big or small), anxiety, and depression plus much more.

The Light Therapy Room, was designed carefully to bring forth a safe space where true healing can take place and rest can happen in the mind, body and spirit. The client picks 1 of the 30 programs offered, puts on the Light Therapy glasses along with a headset and goes into a therapy session on their own while being monitored carefully.